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Keven Anne Murphy Ph.D., neuropsychologist

Keven Anne Murphy, Ph.D. 

        As a neuropsychologist, I have provided  expert witness medical case reviews, advice, and testimony to attorneys, insurance companies, and governmental agencies in disability and liability claims for the past 25 years.  Defense and plaintiff lawyers and other clients have used my IDEAS in winning or successfully settling their Disability, Personal Injury, Workers Compensation, and Fitness for Duty cases. 

        I will provide you with the strongest, personalized, and usable neuropsychological and psychological information and analysis that you require in order to make informed strategy decisions on behalf of your clients or companies.

        My consultations can help insurance providers, employers, case managers, agencies, administrators, and professionals including: attorneys, internists, neurosurgeons, neurologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, rehabilitation therapists and counselors, social workers, and teachers.

I use my 25 years of training and experience as a licensed psychologist and neuropsychologist to review medical and non-medical records for attorneys and other professionals, and, if required, administer appropriate tests to develop an expert opinion regarding claimants disability.

        I welcome your inquiries, and offer attorneys and insurance company representatives free  (reverse charge outside Connecticut) initial telephone consultation to determine your needs on specific disability or liability cases.

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